Alphacam Makes The Mission Possible For Film Studios’ Cavalry

Whenever a new job comes into a company that film studios describe as needing the cavalry, Anarchy director Jason Szukalski is instantly thinking how Alphacam can break it down into machineable parts.

Alphacam Test Drive

Alphacam testdrive

The Test Drive Program has been designed to give end users the chance to evaluate the use of a CAM system with zero cost and at zero risk. A number of manufacturing firms are falling behind their global competitors by still relying on manual programming, or use inefficient CAM software to create CNC code.

Record Cabinet Vision And Alphacam Sales At W16

Both Cabinet Vision and Alphacam reported record sales at the W16 woodworking exhibition. And existing customer comments who visited the show, included: “Alphacam can make our machine sing,” “Cabinet Vision has transformed our business.”