Vero’s Two Woodworking Solutions Feature At LIGNA

Vero Software’s two CAD/CAM solutions for the woodworking Industry will be on display at the forthcoming LIGNA trade fair in Germany.

Run by their German reseller, Licom Systems GmbH, Vero’s stand – J59 in Hall 27 – from May 22 to 26, at the Hannover Messe, in Germany, will feature the current editions of ALPHACAM and CABINET VISION.

With LIGNA showcasing integrated and intelligent manufacturing for the woodworking and furniture industry, it is the perfect venue to show manufacturers how ALPHACAM and CABINET VISION can take their businesses to the next level.

ALPHACAM provides complete machining capabilities to manufacture anything from simple 2-axis parts, right through to complex 5-axis components. Designed to offer businesses enhanced productivity, reliability and flexibility, it is a fully integrated CAD/CA< solution with many advanced features.

With an ongoing development program, ALPHACAM not only keeps pace with manufacturers’ changing needs across the woodworking industry, it delivers maximum return on CAM investment, by offering a multitude of applications for doors, windows, cabinets, stairs and panels. Anything from 2D fascia doors to countertops, to complex 5-axis stair handrails can be produced easily and quickly, in a number of modules:
  • ALPHACAM Essential, which is the entry level product for 2D CNC work, offering fundamental tools for CAD/CAM production, including nesting and 3D engraving.
  • Standard is ideal for shops and subcontractors, providing additional support for nesting of parts from a nest list, horizontal machining, reusable machining data, and many other items of functionality.
  • Advanced, for manufacturers working with complex free-form patterns and tools, offering complex 3D machining strategies, solid model importing, feature extraction, and constrained parametric part creation.
  • Ultimate, which adds support for full 4/5-axis simultaneous machining for high-specification joinery and furniture manufacturers.

CABINET VISION is the industry-leading software for designing and producing cabinet and casegoods, from entry level cutlist packages, to fully integrated Screen-to-Machine solutions. It is ideal for businesses wanting to automate their operations. Included in its extensive capabilities, it allows the automatic generation of shop drawings, 3D customer renderings, cutting lists, material requirements, estimating and CNC machining. Creating true 3D presentations of the final product on screen, it simultaneously generates the necessary information for the shop floor, keeping the simple tasks easy, and making complex operations possible.
  • Solid Essential is geared towards small startups, providing essential tools to get started in automation, including basic cutlist, estimating and presentation capabilities.
  • Solid Standard’s functionality gets manufacturers started on CNC automation, taking their businesses to the next level.
  • Solid Advanced was designed specifically with mid-sized residential and commercial cabinet makers in mind. It includes advanced CAD functionality making it quick and simple to detail all jobs from kitchen cabinets through to complex architectural projects. Cabinet lists and split-screen designing provides floor plan, elevation and perspective views, which can all be displayed on one screen. A plan can automatically be filled with cabinets, molding and countertops at the push of a button.
  • Solid Ultimate is the flagship product offering custom manufacturers the ability to design and detail all jobs using highly advanced solid modelling technology. Jobs can be laid out graphically, and cutting lists created using the Order Entry function. This module is seen as vital for businesses wanting to automate their operation with point-to-point machines and nested based routers.
  • Screen-to-Machine is a powerful CAM solution, sending designs straight to CNC machines with just a few mouse clicks. It offers saw optimization, block nesting, true shape nesting, and output for drill and dowel machines, automated chop saws and haunching machines.




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