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With this latest release, ALPHACAM functionally has been split up into a series of new multipliers that build on top of the CORE 3-Axis Solution. This replaces the old system of ‘Levels’ and makes it much easier for customers to understand what functionality best suits their manufacturing needs.

This re-structured approach to the software allows customers to build the CAM solution they need to meet the immediate demands of their business and eliminate the need to purchase functions that are not required to achieve significant cost savings. Users begin with ALPHACAM Core, which gives them the essential CAM functionality for a wide variety of standard 3-Axis machining applications. They can then build highly customized solutions by adding the tools they need to fulfil their broader business needs. Dubbed “multipliers,” these tools build upon, or multiply, the power of the core software tools.

Improved user interface and workflow enhancements

Various updates have been made to improve how users interact with ALPHACAM. Starting with an updated file browser to instantly open files through to an allnew double click command to quickly access common commands, these enhancements help users access their data and commonly used commands more quickly, saving time while programming. Also included are a new Tool Library Search for quickly finding tools, the ability to set default templates for layers and geometry, and new keyboard shortcuts for quick and intuitive navigation through the software.

Increased performance and workflows in xAutomation

ALPHACAM’s already robust automation tools gain a host of performance improvements which make it faster and easier to work with large databases, process multidrills, and preview parts. Improvements to xAutomation’s workflow allow for users to better manage configurations with new expand/collapse tools and find materials more quickly with improved sorting capabilities.

The industry’s best nesting is now even better

Version 2022.1 brings a host of new features to ALPHACAM’s xNesting. Now, when there are multiple sheets of the same pattern in a job, the software only outputs one pattern with the quantity designated in the sheet label, report, and NC file, saving processing time. A new Common Cut technology reduces machining time by optimizing toolpaths that include parts with common lines. Additionally, angled saw cuts and angled work planes are now able to be nested.

Link to CABINET VISION database for increased interoperability

Version 2022.1 adds a link to the CABINET VISION materials database, making it much easier for customers working with both programs to streamline their workflow. The link to this database works in both directions so adding or removing materials from one is reflected in the other. In addition, CABINET VISION materials can now be imported using a .csv file.

…And much more

Version 2022.1 includes even more enhancements that help customers streamline their CAM programming, including support for Windows 11, improvements to solid machining strategies, additional ways to process CAD files, and more.