ALPHACAM “Vital” for Orthopaedic Implant Experts

ointmedica Ltd., based in Worcestershire, produces Class 3 implants in the orthopaedic sector, and has, in its product portfolio, an innovative mobile bearing Knee Replacement, as well as development activities relating to Hip Resurfacing and the manufacture of custom-made devices for specific patients created directly from CT scans.

ALPHACAM 2016 R1 Videos

Learn how ALPHACAM has enhanced the Offset command to be more than just an ordinary geometric function, now you can pass/retain all data associated with the geometry, including attributes and machining associativity.

More Best-in-Class Technology in ALPHACAM 2020.0

One of the major highlights of the latest release of ALPHACAM from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s Production Software business, are enhancements to the Post-processor engine, delivering what is described as best-in-class cutting edge technology.