Clear Lock Code

Hexagon ALPHACAM Clear Lock Code Claim Form

This form should be completed if you wish to make a claim to clear the ALPHACAM license lock code. ONce completed the form should be signed by an authorized individual within your complan or organization and returned to the ALPHACAM Technical Support Team who will then process the claim. Please note that an administration charge is made for clearing a lock code and releasing the license, for customers who do not hold a current Support and Maintenance Agreement (SMA).

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Incident Type


Declaration - The declaration above must be completed and signed by a Director of your Company or Organization.
I confirm that the details provided above are to the best of my knowledge correct. I also confirm
that I will inform Hexagon - ALPHACAM Technical Support Team if the circumstances of this claim change, e.g. Stolen PC comes back into my possession.

Data Protection Please indicate your permission for the storage of your details provided in connection with this form.