Alphacam: P & T’s Solution For Complex 3D Shapes

“The biggest challenge with our manufacturing process is to create components efficiently and profitably – and Alphacam enables us to do that thanks to its ease of programming, and speeding up our production.”

Alphacam 2016 R1 Videos

A new method has been added for extracting contours in work planes – by selecting faces to create the work plane for the extraction direction. This improved feature extraction on user-selected multiple angled faces, is a real time-saver. Feature Extraction has also been enhanced using an updated algorithm for finding contours.

Alphacam: Felder’s “Preferred CAD/CAM Solution” For Complex Programming

Woodworking machinery specialists Felder UK are partnering with Alphacam and cutting tool specialists to give customers a preferred one-stop solution for all CNC machining needs.