Alphacam “Thinks Like An Engineer,” Helping Holm To Develop 4-Axis Work

Shipping around 1,200 different types of parts annually, an engineering subcontractor says Alphacam is vital to ensure a wide range of components, in both large and small production runs, meets speedy turnaround times.

Alphacam 2016 R1 Videos

Some machining dialogs now have a new tab containing specific options for either 2D or 3D lead-in and lead-out paths, and there is also an option to save and open user-configured lead settings in addition to the defaults. It’s now possible to copy all settings both ways between the lead-in and lead-out section.

Record Cabinet Vision And Alphacam Sales At W16

Both Cabinet Vision and Alphacam reported record sales at the W16 woodworking exhibition. And existing customer comments who visited the show, included: “Alphacam can make our machine sing,” “Cabinet Vision has transformed our business.”